Le Forum, Campus Montrouge

Montrouge France 2009
Wilmotte & Associés - Le Forum, Campus Montrouge

Technical specifications

Client : Groupe Carlyle

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Main design contractor : Cabinet Sahuv & Katchoura
Main contractor : Meunier Immobilier d’Entreprise
Construction cost consultant : DAL
Facade design consultant : RFR
HVAC consultant : Barbanel Expert
HEQ : Green Affair

Area : 3,000 m²


Programme :
Rehabilitation of a forum designed by Renzo Piano, restructured as an inter-company restaurant.

Description :
The Montrouge campus consists of a building complex of 76,989 m² of offices and a landscaped park of four hectares in the heart of the town of Montrouge. Construction of the buildings dates from 1920 to 1937, and the architecture bears witness to the strong industrial and service tradition of the site. Between 1981 and 1984 they were partially rehabilitated by Renzo Piano. During this operation, the urban planner Alexander Chemetov created a park in the midst of the buildings that were the subject of a demolition/renovation project.
The Wilmotte & Associés SA practice was commissioned to take into its charge renovation of the forum building, to be converted into a company restaurant. The forum constitutes an important element of the site, a point of equilibrium between vegetation, water and built elements. Its renovation involved a reorganisation of the interior spaces of the building and its transformation into a dining area beneath the stretched fabric structure. The space enjoys a large amount of natural light.

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