Lumen, Montrouge Campus

Montrouge France 2012
Wilmotte & Associés - Lumen, Montrouge Campus

Technical specifications

Client: Evergreen Montrouge
Developer: Crédit Agricole Immobilier Promotion


Architect: Wilmotte & Associés SA
Main contractor & structure engineer: Artelia
Technical engineer: Barbanel
Sustainability consultant: Green Affair
Construction cost consultant: AE75
Facade design consultant: ARCORA
Roads and networks engineer: CFI
Catering consultant: Spooms
Acoustics consultant: Acoustique & Conseils
Quality control consultant: Socotec

Area : 19 200 m² NFA

Accreditations : HEQ, BBC (Low-energy building) Effinergie certification


Programme :
Design and construction of an office building on the site of the old Schlumberger factories in Montrouge.

Description :
The main concepts of the Lumen building design are: provide a pleasant workspace for its occupants, open up to the city and the natural landscape, create good connections with the existing building, and harmonise with the complex of buildings making up Evergreen Montrouge, the former site of Schlumberger factories.
It was very important to preserve the site's industrial history. This is why, although completely contemporary and in complete compliance with the requirements of commercial spaces, Lumen also picks up on certain formal cues from industrial architecture; metal is showcased, as is exposed structure. The building's shape was designed to be consistent with the overall site; Lumen lines up with the heights of the existing buildings. Inspired by the structural elements of the Aqua building, the building has vertical slotted metal spikes and white horizontal lines, which punctuate the facade, creating an overall sense of continuity.
The natural and muted colour palette was chosen to reinforce overall legibility and to unify the facades.
As part of its overall siting, Lumen is grafted onto the existing Aqua building. Many different methods of circulation were developed to facilitate easy passage from one to the other with the entire site conceived as a kind of campus. The building is located on the edge of its site, and is built around a large central park, indisputably the main public space.
The building opens up to the garden and brings generous amounts of natural light into the offices. The main lobby connects to the other spaces and the natural landscape, with the staff restaurant at the heart of it all. Ultimately, it is the natural landscape that forms the link between the different site elements, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the project.
Urban planning was responsible for the building's U-shaped form. Lumen is open to the city, facing out onto Avenue Jean Jaurès. There is real continuity between the public and private spaces’ greenery, and throughout the building there is a connection to the urban space. Yet, the real point of pride for this project is the underground connection, which will serve the site from 2013.

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