Mystetskyi Arsenal Museum

Kiev Ukraine 2014
Wilmotte & Associés - Mystetskyi Arsenal Museum

Technical specifications

Client : Département des affaires de l’Etat ukrainien Musée de L’Arsenal

Project management team and architect : Wilmotte & Associés

Area: 50 000 m²


Programme :
Restructuring, expansion, and museography at the Mystetskyi Arsenal Museum.

Description :
As part of the rehabilitation of Kiev's fortifications, Wilmotte & Associés SA designed a coherent group of three sites, with programme elements including a museum, reception spaces, and an information and exhibition centre. Dating back to the 18th century, the historic arsenal retains its imposing brick facade with four towers at each end, which are monumental glass boxes. Elevated above the existing building, the new roof respects the lines of the historic building.
The Spartan "Cour d'honneur" courtyard is also a museography space where four glass doors form a diamond shape. In the evening, the building is lit up by the tall glowing windows, where visitors can relax on simple stone benches. Monumentally-scaled fenestration, the four glass boxes strongly set the scene with enormous gold-leaf onion domes from traditional orthodox churches and a battery of guns to recall the original use of the arsenal. For ease of circulation, there are two doors to the main lobby located in the courtyard, with two others leading to the shops, a restaurant, a library, and the rooms dedicated to temporary exhibits. Flanked by two massive walls providing a backdrop for artwork, the main lobby is divided into different areas with two different circulation routes for the public and staff.

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