E. Leclerc Group Corporate Headquarters

Ivry-sur-Seine France 2006
Wilmotte & Associés - E. Leclerc Group Corporate Headquarters

Technical specifications

Client : ISSYLEC (Groupe Leclerc)

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
HEQ consultant : JPR Conseils et Environnement

Area : 62,500 m²


Programme :
Construction of new headquarters for the Leclerc central buying office.

Description :
Located on the banks of the Seine, the project for the Edouard Leclerc Movement is organised around a public square and two internal courtyards. A set of three tertiary volumes located perpendicular to the river emerges from the stone base that defines the Seine frontage. The plaza is set into a hollow at the centre of this vertical geometry. The lateral office buildings and their glazed blocks frame the main access to the site. The passage from the Seine to the heart of the building is ordered and organised by the general massing and the details of the exterior layout; the grand staircase on the quay is positioned in front of a plaza, totally open to the public and turned towards the river. A stone 'carpet' of large slabs leads the visitor from the staircase to the building's reception lobby. It is bordered on either side by a planted band which forms successive ‘filters’ marking the approach to the building. A first boundary is crossed when one passes between glazed volumes connected by railings. The following sequence provides access to a second semi-public plaza area that opens onto landscaped spaces that are more intimate and more focused on the E. Leclerc Movement premises. The visitor is then in the main reception lobby, a real interior street and heart of the project, which marks the connection between public and private space. The facades express the boundary between the spaces dedicated to product presentation and those dedicated to offices. Horizontally, the facades continue this principle: from the opaque Rue François Mitterrand, where the service entrances are located, to the river horizon where two fully-glazed volumes allow best advantage to be taken of the views onto the Seine.

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