SophiaTech University Campus

Sophia-Antipolis France 2012
Wilmotte & Associés - SophiaTech University Campus

Technical specifications

Client : Conseil Général des Alpes-Maritimes

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés Architectes
Landscape architect : Neveux-Rouyer, Jean Mus
Construction cost consultant : EPDC
Engineer : AC Ingénierie IDF, Thalès
Area : 15,7 ha
Built area : 24 000 m²

Accreditations : HEQ (High Environment Quality)


Programme :
Creation of the SophiaTech University Campus, including the following buildings: POLYTECH’ Sophia, EURECOM-ENST, a reception-research centre, a university library, and a sports centre. This is an HEQ project.

Description :
The creation of the SophiaTech campus reinforces Sophia-Antipolis as an "information and communications technology (ICT)" centre. At the heart of Telecom Valley, the campus brings together the new buildings for higher education and research of the Sophia-Antipolis university and the GET Group of Telecommunications Schools. The entire operation serves 3,000 students and includes: construction of the Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire, construction of the Institut EURECOM, including an ENST laboratory (transferred from the Parisian grande école university ENST), shared reception and research spaces to encourage collaboration (including reception spaces, laboratories, a 350-seat amphitheatre, and a cafeteria with associated spaces), a university library, and a sports centre. Out of respect for the densely wooded area to the south, the buildings are sited perpendicular to the contour, taking their cue from what has previously been built on the site. From the main entrance, a series of pristine volumes rise up allowing one’s gaze to slide through, preserving the continuity of the natural landscape. The high bars are wrapped in glass with the low ones in green slate; these latter elements are anchored in the landscape, nestled among the green oaks. From the south entrance, the gable-end facades rise up to different elevations without interrupting the reading of the site, and establish a visual connection with the existing building. The Reception-Research centre is located at the very heart of the pedestrianised campus, with the university library at its base; while the sports centre is located to the south, facilitating access by off-campus users.

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