Paris France 2008
Wilmotte & Associés - Seine-Austerlitz

Technical specifications

Client : Meunier Immobilier d’entreprise

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Structural consultant : Khephren Ingénierie
HVAC consultant : SFICA
Facade design consultant : Brochet
Kitchen consultant : PHI 2
Construction cost consultant : DAL
Acoustical consultant : Capri acoustique

Area : 22,000 m² NFA (nine stories), 17 800 m² usable floor area


Programme :
Construction of a building for office-use on the banks of the Seine.
Project presentation :
The Seine Austerlitz building is located on block A4B in the new district on the banks of the Seine. It is made up of two main buildings fronting the Seine and three to the rear, along the Rue Paul Klee. The ensemble provides 17,800 m2 of usable floor area. Standing at the centre of the building, the atrium serves as the main entrance with double access from the Quai d'Austerlitz (north elevation) and Rue Paul Klee (south elevation). Transparent and luminous, the atrium is visible from the Quai d'Austerlitz and Rue Paul Klee. Both main buildings are framed by "gateways" in white polished architectural concrete forming the frame of the curtain wall (with structural glazing). The sidewalls of these "gateways" are also treated in polished white concrete.
This material was preferred to stone for its more contemporary look and improved sustainability qualities. Core common services (cafeteria, restaurant, and shops) provide autonomy and good cost-effectiveness to the entire building. Two levels of basement house parking in limited numbers (123 spaces), positions for cycles and motorbikes, and archive stores. Each office floor of approximately 2,200 m² can cater for the same partitioning and, thanks to a setback design, all layout scenarios are possible from open-plan arrangements to individual offices with exterior windows. Different office sizes of six, 12, and 18 metres, with a uniform floor-to-ceiling height of 2.6 metres, make for easy customisation. Full-height windows fitted with blinds provide adjustable levels of daylight.

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