Arts Centre, International School of Geneva (EIG)

Geneva Switzerland 2014
Wilmotte & Associés - Arts Centre, International School of Geneva (EIG)

Technical specifications

Client : Fondation de l'EIG Equipe de maîtrise d’œuvre

Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Associate architects : Brodbeck & Roulet
Maître d'œuvre d'exécution :
Engineer : Bonnard & Gardel
Scenography : Scénarchie
Acoustical consultant : Architecture et Acoustique
General contractor : Lozinger-Marazzi
Scenographic engineer : AMG-Féchoz

Area : 3 300 m²

Accreditation : Minergie


Programme :
The design of an Arts Centre which includes: a 400-seat multipurpose auditorium (concerts, conferences, meetings); a professional 200-seat theatre; large exhibition areas open to the public; study spaces and places for students to meet in pleasant, comfortable surroundings; a large theatre and dance studios; modular classrooms for flexible arts instruction; meeting rooms; practice rooms; recording studios and percussion studios; and a multimedia centre with videoconferencing capabilities.

Description :
The International School of Geneva (Ecolint) is an important player in “international” Geneva, enhancing the attractiveness of the city by providing a high-quality educational environment. An ambitious project, the Arts Centre will offer study and meeting spaces beyond the core academic curriculum, and will integrate the school with the artistic and cultural life of the city and the greater Geneva region. The school is a central part of the social-cultural fabric of international Geneva. As such, the Arts Centre will be a major architectural landmark.
Wilmotte & Associés SA wanted to take advantage of what would be the final opportunity to build on the historic site of La Grande Boissière by creating a crown jewel to celebrate the International School of Geneva's near century-long history. Located at the heart of the forest and at the intersection of sports and culture (between the 1950s Greek Theatre and the gymnasium) the Arts Centre unifies the entire campus. The Arts Centre represents the school's future and showcases its most beautiful qualities. Transparency, lightness, friendliness, and nature were the architectural drivers, metaphors for the creativity and innovative spirit of future students.

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