Grand Palais éphémère

Paris France 2021
Wilmotte & Associés - Grand Palais éphémère

Technical specifications

Construction of an ephemeral building intended to host major art, fashion and sport events (Biennale Paris, FIAC, Art Paris Art Fair, Art Capital, Saut Hermès, Paris Photo, Révélations and the Chanel fashion shows) , as well as cultural and artistic events during the renovation of the Grand Palais.

Réunion des musées nationaux (Rmn)

• Concessionaire, construction, technical maintenance and mandatory GL EVENTS
• Concept design architect Wilmotte & Associés
• TCE and quantity surveyor Chabannes Ingénierie
• Acoustician Lamoureux
• Control office and SPS SOCOTEC / Fire prevention specialist CSD

• 10 000 sqm
• Main nave length : 145 m
• Building height : 20 m




Based on the Champ-de-Mars, the Grand Palais Ephémère is part of the history of this site, reactivating the place it held during the great Universal Exhibitions of the 19th and 20th centuries. The architectural feature of the curved double-vaulted frame gives the building a typology on the scale of the Champde-Mars composition and fits perfectly into this prestigious site.

•The urban and aesthetic integration of the structure was a major issue and the architectural object had to be at the level assumed by the prestige of the site that hosts it.

• Geometry : the arches provide a large useful volume covered by a reduced roof area.

•Assembly : the wooden frame with double arched frame is made up of elements prefabricated in the workshop, allowing pre-assembly of complete sections of the structure, and therefore faster assembly, thus limiting pollution.

•Optimization of the materials used : the profile of the structural arches operating in compression makes it possible to minimize the mass of wood used

• Acoustic and thermal insulation :
glulam structure covered with a «shell» (strong acoustic insulation for residents) and exterior double-skin with acoustic, thermal and ventilation properties, to reduce energy costs.

• Demountable building: the project is conceived as a sum of modular elements that can be reborn in new forms in other places.

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