Technical specifications

864, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu - Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Auction

Project team
Architect: Wilmotte & Associés
Local architect: Tetra Architects & Engineers
Construction firm: C space
Structural engineer: Eun structure
Façade engineer: AMOS
Road and networks engineer: Samwoo TECM, Ean ENG.

Site area: 870 sqm
Built area: 5,000 sqm
Floor information
8F: Meeting Room
6-7F: Auction Room
5F: Exhibition Hall
4F: Office
3F: Academy Hall
GF: Lobby
B1: Restaurant
B2-B3: Parking
B4-B5: Exhibition Hall and Event Hall

Studies: April 2017 – December 2017
Construction site: January 2018 – January 2019

Seoul Auction website

Namsun Lee



In the Gangnam district, construction of a new auction center for Seoul Auction including a lobby, event and exhibition spaces, a restaurant, a store, a private space and a parking.

From a height of 43m with eight floors and five basement levels, the architecture of Seoul Auction Gangnam Center differs from the other buildings of the district by its verticality, accentuated by the use of vertical bars that give it a longer, aerial look.
Beyond an auction hall, we imagined the Seoul Auction Gangnam Center as a new cultural space that is open and integrated into the life of the neighborhood. Located on the ground floor, the lobby is largely glazed and overlooks Eonju-ro Boulevard. The building offers several public areas: a restaurant and a shop as well as event and exhibition areas. Through user-friendly spaces and quality programming, the Seoul Auction hopes to contribute to the democratization of Art by making it accessible to as many people as possible.
In addition, its unique copper hue allows it to « store light » and give the building a high visibility. Together, these two elements make Seoul Auction an iconic building in the Gangnam district.

The Seoul Auction Gangnam Center was built with a steel structure. To complement this metal body, the facades of the building are dressed in aluminum plates painted in a special copper color « brilliant tint copper ». The choice of construction made it possible to build a building site in very short time thanks to the prefabrication of some elements of the workshop structure. It also allows us to integrate the project into a sustainable development approach, since steel is an easily dismantled and recyclable material after the building has been demolished. Steel is also a very strong material, especially in the event of an earthquake, since it is able to undergo significant deformation before breaking. Finally, it offers excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, which is a recurring problem when designing a building that welcomes the public if we want to offer optimal comfort to users.

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