Hôtel du Phare

Belle-Île-en-Mer France 2019
Wilmotte & Associés - Hôtel du Phare

Technical specifications

Hôtel du Phare - Quai Guerveur, Belle-Île-en-
Mer 56360 SAUZON


M. et Mme Lorenzetti

Project management team
Architect : Wilmotte & Associés
Interior Design of the room : Kevin Welghe
Furniture and room decoration : Mme Lorenzetti

Project manager

Marc Zerkaulen – Architecte D.E.T.A.

Technical engineer / Economist : R3-Ingénierie
Tiler: La Plâtrerie Belliloise
Painting: Laclide
Electricity and Plumbing: Tertio
Layout: René Bidet
R + 1 suspensions: Square
Chairs: Maison Drucker
Ground floor room: 100 m² - 50 covers
R + 1 room: 85 m² - 62 covers
Ground floor and ground floor terrace: 43 m² + 58 m² - 40 + 50 covers

Beginning of studies: End of June 2018
Beginning of the Wholesale Site Work: September 2018
Project delivery: April 3, 2019


The site

Dock of Port Bihan, at the end of the Sauzon dock and at the entrance of the fishing and marina port, northwest of the city of Sauzon, facing Quiberon Bay.

Context / Existing buildings
The Lighthouse Hotel is a stone building built in 1880
Built on the model of typical construction of the island, it is characterized by its two solid gables, slightly drilled and crowned with chimney stacks, by white walls coated with lime, or by straight dormers on the roof.
Also, it stands out in the Belle-Île-en-mer landscape with its roof in red Huguenot diamond tiles.
On the east side of the building is a large panoramic terrace with a view of the Sauzon outer harbor.
The building is engraved in the rock, which explains a height difference between the dock of Port Bihan in the East and the Canon street to the west.

Program & Objectives

Mixed program:
- On the ground floor, a restaurant room of 88 m² (65 seats) + bar AND on the R + 1, a restaurant room of 88m² (80 covers indoors) with a 47 m² terrace (42 covers).
- Seasonal rental accommodation on R + 1 and R + 2

The project's objectives

The rehabilitation and extension of the project made it possible to:
- Modernize restaurant facilities
- Create an extension for the restaurant kitchens
- Create an access to the establishment for the disabled
- Transform the hotel establishment which included 14 rooms, into 7 seasonal rental accommodation.

The intervention

The project is characterized by two main interventions:
- Redevelopment of the upper courtyard and the creation of aextension
- Enhancement of the facade