Reims Aréna - Great Event Hall

Reims France 2021
Wilmotte & Associés - Reims Aréna - Great Event Hall

Technical specifications

Ville de Reims


Eiffage Construction


GL events


Project management team
Architect : Wilmotte & Associés
Engineer CFO-CFA / CVC / Plombuing / VRD / Thermal /  environnemental / energetical : BEA Ingénierie
structure engineer : Terrell group
Scenography : Scène Envolution
sound engineering : Peutz


11,940 m² SDP - maximum capacity 9,000 places
• Basketball configuration: 5,500 seats
• Handball / volleyball / tennis configuration: 4,500 places
• Ice rink configuration: 3,500 seats
• Seated stage / flowerbed configuration: 4,500 seats
• Standing stage configuration: 7,160 seats
• Standing stage / flowerbed configuration: 9,000 seats
• Convention configuration: 2,000 seats and
1,700 catering places


June 2017: competition
June 2018: the Eiffage / Wilmotte / Ballan group approached to realize the large event hall in Reims
08/29/2019: laying the foundation stone


Construction of a Large Event Hall (GSE) in the heart of the city.


The development of the ZAC Sernam - including the Arena site - is part of a global reflection carried out since 2015 around the Reims Grand Center project and which, through the creation of a new district, aims to reconnect the hyper downtown to the suburbs. The project will become a place of intersections and exchanges, which will contribute to the renewal and the dynamics of the surrounding neighborhoods by becoming a major architectural ensemble.

It will create a metropolitan focal point, a pivot for the articulation of the urban, landscape and social contexts in the making in this area. The GSE site is atypical for such equipment. Located in the heart of the city, this characteristic has allowed us to develop a remarkable and unique identity for this typology.

A rhythm of fullness and emptiness animates the four facades according to the events and the wanderings of the spectators.
A set of superimposed levels offering exceptional views of the Cité des Sacres makes this new place a veritable belvedere over the city.
The program is developed on 3 levels. Each level is very clear and can be identify from the outside. A set of circulations allows all users to take the best advantage of the panoramic views over the city.
This reinforcement of horizontality by the superimposition of functions also offers the possibility of partitioning events relative to each other. Depending on the uses chosen and the visitors, the building can be modified to increase the fields of action of the program.
On the roof, the last layer can be seen from Place de la République.

The GSE project is a continuation of the developments planned by the urban planner François Leclercq in order to reconstitute a green network going from the station sector and passing through the cemetery.

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