Libreville - masterplan, residential, offices, retail, coastline & marina

Libreville Gabon 2017
Wilmotte & Associés - Libreville - masterplan, residential, offices, retail, coastline & marina

Technical specifications

Architect & urban planner: WILMOTTE & ASSOCIÉS

Area: 107 ha

Under construction

Design of a masterplan for Libreville & development of architectural projects


Located on Gabon’s coastline, a few kilometers away from the capital Libreville, Akanda Marina sits upon a site at the entrance to the Gabon Estuary, enjoying a sandy beach and a lush vegetation, as the Akanda National Park. The Akanda Marina benefits from an advantageous location directly connected to large infrastructures of the area: the Omar Bongo stadium and the international airport. At this latitude, the sun's path across the sky is at the same vertical position throughout the year, which provides multiple orientations, allow to play with geometry and follow an open general layout.

Designed by Wilmotte & Associés in a sustainable development perspective, the project is centered on a marina that can host up to 200 boats and is structured around four villages surrounded by nature. It aims to become a unique neighborhood and a pleasant place to live, combining homes, tertiary and commercial spaces.

Major streets dedicated to traffic and pedestrian alleys converge to the heart of this district. Around the pond, it will be possible to wander in the shopping arcades, to take some rest in public spaces or sit down at one of the restaurants terrace to enjoy the sunset over the bay of Libreville.

The Akanda Marina project will be a contemporary area that can accommodate the most demanding buyers.

The main idea for this Marina was to create a place with a strong identity, but totally respectful of the site and its orientation, climate, landscapes and existing flora. A local harmony made of red earth, blue sea and dense green vegetation to nest this project.

Wilmotte & Associés has chosen to include a plan totally free and to adopt a new urban scale, respectful of the natural dimension of the site. Curves and axis of the area create participate in the master plan, allowing dense and breathing areas to coexist.

Sinuous districts with houses drowned in nature are mixed with straight avenues and public areas surrounded by constructions.
This architecture with simple proportions, pure appearance and bright colors, makes all districts around the pond, and creates the identity of the Akanda Marina, ensuring a balance between nature and urbanity.

Around the marina basin develops a remarkable architecture with most monumental dimensions. Four diamond-shaped buildings are implanted free of plane geometry and play on opposite directions at 45 °. They are home to shops, restaurants and offices and public spaces delimit the different functions: terraces, planted gardens, play areas, service platforms and parking. Finally the captaincy, on top of which sits a skybar, is a point object that marks the arrival of the long axis of the Avenue of the Marina to the Ocean.

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