Parkland - Baku 2015 European Games

Baku Azerbaijan 2015
Wilmotte & Associés - Parkland - Baku 2015 European Games

Technical specifications


Projec team
Architect & urban planner: WILMOTTE & ASSOCIÉS
Landscape designer: NEVEUX-ROUYER
Development Manager: MACE INTERNATIONAL LTD.
Structural Engineer: URAL ENGINEERING LTD

Area: 16 ha

Under construction

Design of the park of Baku for the 2015 European Games


Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, has undertaken an unprecedented urban revolution. In a dramatic renovation process, the whole city is redesigned and public areas are subject to a new treatment. The old stage of the Silk Road facelift: it has an appointment with the world of sport in June 2015 for the first European Games (50 Olympic nations + more than 6,000 athletes will compete in twenty sports). Stadiums, sports facilities, cultural facilities, marinas, residential projects out of high-speed ground to support the development of the Azeri capital.

• Parkland figures
8 km of footpaths and cycling paths,
10,000 m² of public places,
3 playgrounds,
7000 m² of ponds and canals,
2,000 trees and more than 12,000 shrubs,
193 benches designed by Wilmotte & Industries.

• Punctuate the coast: a mutation in green and blue
Located by the sea, in the district of Sabayil, the pool complex, ready to host swimming competitions, will be surrounded by a beautiful park. Wilmotte & Associés and the landscape designer Neveux Rouyer sign together a green heaven of over 160,000 m² dedicated to strolling and recreation. The French approach of the site allows a reference to the drawings and layouts of large gardens and classical parks. A cultural shift assumed to enhance the spatial qualities of the city. Started in June 2014, the park will welcome visitors from next June: a great achievement. Completed in record time, this park project will meet the new ambitions of the city's environmental quality.

• Ride between industrial history and renaissance of the coast
By modifying an industrial and oil production landscape, Baku is surrounded by green areas and looks out to future generations. By choosing to keep four rigs in the grandiose museum scene, creating shaded footpaths, canals, cafes and pergolas, and by facilitating the discovery of spaces in electric vehicle, Jean-Michel Wilmotte offers a green lung between the boulevard and the sea, and invites the public to rediscover its coastline, almost returned to the nature.
Consistency and serenity of the park is provided by the strong choice of agency in terms of layout, furniture, design and LED lighting, conceived and designed by Wilmotte & Industries.

• The general plan will break down into three distinct areas:
- In the north, a mile driveway lined with cafes, pergolas and playgrounds offer visitors a wide range of activities.
- In the middle, a large area of lawn planted invite to rest.
- In the South, the park will offer a path between genuine derricks, staged such large sculptures.

• Sustainable development and landscape planting strategy
The park is part of the highly harmonious and thoughtful green areas of the city that is redrawn. Parkland is not a park but a new writing-over the territory with plants as a tool of conquest and change. It is an opportunity to create an ecological continuity across the city and enhance the biodiversity of plant heritage of Baku.

The project design is organized according to an orthonormal framework which dimensions vary when it comes to major routes, structuring of planting or secondary groves. This very rhythmic composition depicts the planting dynamics in a contemporary way. About two thousand trees of different sizes and morphologies will be planted, representing fifteen species. The balance between the persistent deciduous and flowering trees will preserve a harmonious plant mass in any season. Plantations are handled by large masses to be across the site.

Parkland is a living place, dedicated to users who will play next summer and will take an active role in the balance and landscaping plant in the city.

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