Imigrantes Exhibition and Congress Center

São Paulo Brazil 2016
Wilmotte & Associés - Imigrantes Exhibition and Congress Center

Technical specifications

Client: GL-Events

Architect: Wilmotte & Associés

Area: 99,000 sqm

In progress

Design and construction of Imigrantes Exhibition and Congress Center


In 2013, GL Events wins the concession contract for 30 years of the Imigrantes Exhibition and Congress Center in Sao Paulo.

Within an area of 380,000 m², Imigrantes is located in a unique environment in Sao Paulo, a city of 11 million inhabitants, a true cultural and economic platform in Brazil.

Served by the Rodôvia dos Imigrantes highway and by Avenida dos Bandeirantes, the new exhibition center is connected to the main roads of the city. Located at 16.3 km from the city center, 7.8 km from the domestic airport and 66 km from Santos harbour (the largest harbour in Latin America), the Exhibition and Congress Center has a natural strategic place.

Leaning against the large nature reserve Imigrantes Ecological Park, with an area of 484,000 sqm, the Expo-Imigrantes is integrated into the "green lung" of Sao Paulo.

Wilmotte & Associés has chosen to insert a building with pure lines, consisting of simple volumes topped with a canopy, symbol of dynamism and functionality.

The existing operating area of the exhibition center is currently 40,000 sqm, the goal will be to increase the area to reach 99,000 sqm. The building will house 80,000 sqm of flexible exhibition spaces (interior), 10 000 sqm of congress spaces (including 2 large conference rooms of 600 and 700 sqm each), a covered piazza of 8,000 sqm for both exchanges and different kind of events, and a restaurant open to visitors and general public.

Through the choice of durable materials adapted to environment and use, the building -despite its 700 meters of front facade - stands out by keeping a lot of lightness and elegance. The facade of the first floor is made of perforated metal panels, a kind of lace with an opening window system that animates and gives life to the facade.

The 4,500 spaces silo parking is a building very different from the usual treatment for this type of construction. Instead, it falls carefully within the very structured and complex Imigrantes Exhibition Center.

A footbridge directly links the silo parking to the Exhibition and Convention Center, which ensures a good management of the cars flows of visitors and exhibitors, as well as pedestrians and logistics flows.

The aim of this project is to create a place with a strong identity, worthy of the largest exhibition and convention center in Latin America, while being able to adapt to different requirements from its operators.

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