Development of the Corniche of Doha

Doha Qatar 2014
Wilmotte & Associés - Development of the Corniche of Doha

Technical specifications

Client: State of Qatar

Architect and urban planner : Wilmotte & Associés

Surface: 108 hectares


Development of the Corniche of Doha


A project on such a scale deals with numerous issues - strategic, human, functional and economic.
Answers must be ambitious, pragmatic and specifically adapted to the site in order to:
-Reinforce the identity of the city.
-Create links between the urban depth of the city and the coast.
-Provide an exceptional living environment to the inhabitants and tourists.
-Offer a showroom /display project with international exposure that comprehends high environmental quality data.
-Put an end to the functional problems between urban, pedestrians, cars and activities.
-Anticipate the city's development by placing the human element back at the heart of all concerns.

The Wilmotte & Associés agency puts forward a project that aims at creating a unique space rooted in the history, culture and local traditions.

With reference to the measuring of time and of stars, to the magic of astrolabes and other instruments that punctuate the world history and mark the golden age of Arab sciences that bewitches us.
The marvellous objects showed in the Islamic Museum of Art of Doha have a universal dimension and create, by mental projection in our project, the urban geography of the coast line.

A measured project - a metrical system punctuates/mars out the coastline on different scales. The space of the coastline is a meeting point between:
-history and modernity,
-sciences and poetry,
-the desert and the sea,
-the plants and the city

This space is a location where magic and innovation express themselves. The project weaves links between spaces and time, reunite arts. The poem of the coastline is an urban calligraphy that unfolds along the way, like pages blown away. Enlightened letters carried by the wind come and land randomly on the ground, the water and the facilities.

We have imagined/created a real urban signature able to create dreams and to awaken the curiosity of walkers by and visitors.

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