Ferrari Sporting Management Center

Maranello-Fiorano Italy 2015
Wilmotte & Associés -  Ferrari Sporting Management Center

Technical specifications

Client : Ferrari S.p.A.

Project team
Architect : Wilmotte & Associés
Structural engineer and site manager: Studio quaranta
Building services engineer: Polistudio (HL-PP subconsultant)
General contractor : Italiana Costruzioni

Area : 24 000 m²


Program :

Construction of the new Ferrari Sporting Management Center

Description :

Within the city of Maranello, the new building of the Gestione Sportiva presents itself as the new entrance to the dedicated area of the Scuderia Ferrari, which already include the Fiorano test racing track and buildings for all logistical and engine testing. This new gate, dwelling over the public street, offers a facade of the upmost representative expression through Ferrari’s iconic red, black and reflective metal colors which contribute to its sinuous strength, character and dynamism.

The building is made of three floors. The basement and the ground floor house the activities related to the assembly of F1 cars (workshops and laboratories) and the first floor not only reunites all of the technical departments but contains larger spaces for communication and representative events.
The new Ferrari SpA Gestione Sportiva building is designed to represent the values ​​of a company known worldwide for the quality of its products and its unique style.

High technology, tradition and "craft" are the three pillars that make Ferrari a unique case in the world panorama of luxury cars’ manufacturers. Mirroring this excellence, the new building combines style, functionality and efficiency, while hosting workshops, technical offices and laboratories.

All these activities will be concentrated in a single building, approximately increasing by 30% the average workspace surface compared to the current Gestione Sportiva, which today is housed in either obsolete or temporary buildings. The program proposes more functional spaces and zones dedicated to relaxation, communication and public conferences. This project looks towards the future, whether in terms of image or industrial organization of a company.

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