Domaine La Cavale - Vignobles Paul-Dubrule

Cucuron France 2017
Wilmotte & Associés - Domaine La Cavale - Vignobles Paul-Dubrule

Technical specifications

The new cellar of the Domaine de la Cavale stages and optimizes the process of making the Domaine's wine thanks to a unique building in the Luberon. A building as attractive as it is efficient, between mineral and vegetal, with new openings towards the surrounding vineyards.

An architectural project respectful of the existing building.

Respecting the current structure, the project has retained the square plan on which is erected the original building, composed of a main structure in concrete and a secondary metal structure.

This project, with an architecture which is both contemporary and respectful of the local canons, is articulated around the following points:

• The integration of a stone wall typical in the region
• Restructuring and internal and external reclamation of the existing vats and cellars
• Extension of the building through increased storage volumes, the creation of a shop, a wine-tasting area, a lounge and technical rooms

Winemaking in the spotlight

The winery is equipped with a new central area (the "nave"), offering an exceptional view of the two vats on either side, engaging the visitor into the process of wine making.

Another feature of La Cavale winemaking process is the installation at the upper part of the building (+4.33 m, 261.11 ngf) of a weighing platform accessible to the tractors via an access ramp located on the north side which allows unloading the harvests directly  from the roof of the extension of the building (in the southern part).

Wood, glass, stainless steel and Lubéron stone for the new showcase of the Domaine

A true architectural feature and a new showcase for the Estate is the façade of 65.80 m long and 8 m high, incorporating both: the regional architectural vocabulary, through the use of dry stones from the Saint-Pantaléon quarry, and the industrial vocabulary borrowed from the world of wine.

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