Tramway des Maréchaux Sud T3

Paris France 2006
Wilmotte & Associés - Tramway des Maréchaux Sud T3

Technical specifications

Client: RATP

Architect-urban planner: Antoine Grumbach
Interior and exterior general concept :RCP Design Global
Landscape architect : Michel Desvigne
Design of the stations and the urban furniture : Wilmotte & Industries SAS
Interior atmosphere and fabric of the chairs: Vonnik Hertig
Lighting engineer : Louis Clair
Outside casing of the trains : bdc conseil/grafibus

Size of the project : 8km - 17 stations


Conception of the Tramway stations and of the urban furniture of the Paris Maréchaux Sud (Southern outskirts).

Presentation of the project
The T3 serves 17 stations on nearly 8km between the Garigliano bridge (15th arrondissement) and the Porte d'Ivry (13th). Everything has been reorganized: thanks to specific lines of traffic, the different modes of transportation are better taken into account in order to facilitate everyone's daily life. Widened, punctuated by trees and without any unnecessary urban furniture, the sidewalks become real strolling areas with benches close to some stations. The tramway lane planted with grass on the two thirds of its length.
A thousand trees were planted (600 on the tramway road and 400 on the side roads) in order to create a gardened boulevard. Each station is an oasis equipped with Jean-Michel Wilmotte furniture offering a balanced prolongation to Antoine Grumbach's intentions concerning the place of the tree, the transparency of the place and the light. Each station has between 2 and 3 shelters of 7.5 m long and 2.8 m wide, spaced out on 45 m platforms. The conception teams composed of the Wilmotte& Industries SA / Arnaud de Bussière agencies had to take into account the existing collection of RATP urban furniture. The result can be seen in the choice of the materials and colours, associating a higher part in steel tones - like the equipment and technologies of the RATP - to a grey-brown lower part, reminding the specific colour of the Parisian urban furniture.
This new collection extends from the stations to the whole line with the masts carrying the contact airline and the trains that were designed and made in the same aesthetical spirit. The urban furniture/equipment highlights the stations and creates a feeling of harmony with the city. The light is also very important. The whole surface of the shelters is luminous. The furniture is very characteristic: brown, the historical colour of the city's furniture, in order to merge with the trees and steel, typical of the technical world of the RATP. It's an elegant union of curves and lines. Along the way, a luminous scenography by Patrick Corillon accompanies the tramway with a white and comfortable light.
When the tram arrives, the light of the station increases by 10%.

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