Cuverie Laurent Perrier

Tours-sur-Marne France 2012
Wilmotte & Associés - Cuverie Laurent Perrier

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Commercial real estate prize at the 2012 Pyramides d’argent Ile-de-France


Established in 1812 by André-Michel Pierlot, the Maison de Champagne Laurent Perrier chose to celebrate its bicentennial by renovating its visitor tour amenities, as well as its winemaking facilities, breathing new life particularly into the areas devoted to making Cuvée Grand Siècle.
This Maison de Champagne is renowned for its distinctive style, a mix of freshness, finesse, and elegance. The wine's quality is also down to the winery’s cutting-edge equipment: stainless steel tanks (introduced in the late 1950s), and thermo-regulated tanks (the first to be installed in the Champagne region).
Created in 1959, Cuvée Grand Siècle owes its name to General de Gaulle. Today, this jewel of the Maison Laurent Perrier represents the very best at the Champagne Assembly level, combining the best years, grapes, and crus. Wilmotte & Associés SA’s design includes the creation of new fermentation and tasting rooms for Cuvée Grand Siècle (250 m²), renovation of the historic concrete cellars (100 m²), and lighting of the Grande Galerie (200 m²).
Designed like a jewel box, the Grand Siècle fermentation room proudly holds fourteen, 110-hectolitre tanks on either side of a central aisle. The double-walled stainless steel tanks rest on white, engineered-stone bases which proudly stand out against the dark environment (black walls and ceilings). The tanks have been completely redesigned in close collaboration with Pierre Guérin Technologies to discretely conceal unsightly connections and simplify their form. The visitor completes their tour in the tasting room.
The minimalist tasting room revisits the black and gold colour scheme of the winery, also recalling the Grand Siècle Magnum label.

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