Technical specifications

Client: Communauté d’Agglomération de Fréjus Saint-Raphaël Community

Architect of record: Wilmotte & Associés SA
Site architect: Frédéric Pasqualini
Scenography: SCENE et Kanju
Construction cost consultant: AC Ingénierie
Landscape architect: Neveux Rouyer
Acoustic consultant: Capri Acoustique

Area: 5,300 m²



Programme :
Construction of the new theatre for the urban district of Frejus Saint-Raphael including: car park, 840-seat auditorium, 200-seat rehearsal room, dressing rooms, and work spaces (offices, logistics, etc.).

Description :
80 metres across at its widest point and elliptical in shape, the amphitheatre has the appearance of a monolith protected from the sun's rays by a concrete lattice. The high structural and functional complexity of the theatre allows it to accommodate a varied programme.
Punctuated by tall openings, the perimeter of the theatre is encircled by stone arcades. Preceded by a large canopy, the public entrance is protected from the mistral; it leads to an immense hall, which serves as an area for exhibitions, meetings, and as a cultural centre.
All levels of the theatre have direct access to the great hall. Opposite, a rehearsal room on the second floor is perfect for smaller productions.
Sound-insulated with double walls, this hall is easily adaptable thanks to telescopic bleachers stored under the fixed, tiered seating to the rear.
On two levels, in addition to the offices reserved for administration, Wilmotte & Associés SA incorporated individual and communal and dressing rooms – the former for top-billing artists.
At the rear of the building are the scenery workshops, storerooms and storage areas, as well as plant rooms, parking area and several car parks.

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