Daejeon Cultural Center

Daejeon South Korea 2015
Wilmotte & Associés - Daejeon Cultural Center

Technical specifications

Client : City of Daejeon

Project team
Design architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA
Architect of record and engineer : Shinwha

Area: 9 130 m²

Project completed in 2015


Construction of a cultural centre for Daejeon.

The project proposes five main elements: a theatre, a gallery, studios, offices, and an underground parking lot. Each floor of the building is dedicated to one of these programmatic elements, from the most public at ground level, to the most private on the highest floor.
The site, slightly elevated and triangular in shape, is visible from afar. The curved forms soften the environment and breathe new life into the area. This architectural gesture is deliberately straightforward; the design is distinguished by the simplicity of its cylindrical form, with each of the upper floors subtly rotating in relation to the site. The facades are mainly glazed.
The multipurpose 350-seat theatre is the heart of the cultural center. It has been engineered to accommodate theatre, music, film, and conferences.
There are two other public spaces: a roof terrace to enjoy views out over the city, and an interior garden. Located on the same floor as the exhibition space (accessible from the main hall by two monumental staircases), the internal garden allows art to be appreciated outdoors as well as within the surrounding galleries.
Thanks to the sliding doors between them, the five flexible galleries can be used independently or as an ensemble.
The building’s siting creates two differently scaled spaces. The public space – a triangular plaza accessible by a large urban stair day and night – is generously sized and in keeping with the scale of the city; the private space, meanwhile, is more intimate, nestled in between a bamboo forest and the center’s west facade.
Wishing to respect diversity and equal opportunities for all, the new Daejeon Cultural Center takes into account a maximum number of standards, allowing access to the disabled.

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