Jean-Michel Wilmotte has maintained a substantial resource centre since the early nineties, and it now comprises several thousand samples from the various trades the firm engages with. Prototypes and testers developed for various projects the agency has worked on are kept in the resource centre, as well as new discoveries picked up at professional fairs, construction essentials, artisans' latest finds, and “scraps” from building sites. It is a real mixture, often referred to as Ali Baba's cave, which offers the team pieces of inspiration, a place to source materials, and unexpected finds; it often proves a very effective method of research.
Two people maintain the resource centre and give guidance on its materials. Their role sees them visiting professional exhibitions throughout France and Europe on a regular basis, meeting industry colleagues, visiting factories, keeping abreast of professional journals, and keeping in close contact with the creative teams.
Equipped with an almost 200 m²-sized space, the collection comprises 250 linear metres’ worth of shelves storing material samples and products, 200 linear metres’ worth of shelves storing technical documents, 20 metres' worth of journals, and a database of more than 6,500 contacts, mostly French, European, American and Japanese.